***Sex Toys: What You Need to Know

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Here are some more things to consider. When it comes to sexual desire, we’re not all wired the same. Some of us have naturally higher or lower sex drives (libidos). In fact, in a relationship where one partner naturally desires more sex, and the other naturally desires less, this can create a challenge. But how about a couple who both have naturally low sex drives? If they listen to the relentless talk of sexual frequency, they may feel like something is wrong with them, like they need to try harder to have more sex. But as long as they are compatible and happy with their sex life, their satisfaction is all that matters – not some arbitrary standards of sexual frequency.

The other woman is not your problem. If you want to get your relationship back, you have to get your sexual relationship back. A man like your husband is not going to hang around if sex isn't working. You need to show him he's important to you as more than a dad and a meal ticket.

If you wish to include a Yoni massage in your erotic foreplay have the receiver lie back propped up by multiple pillows to an almost seated position so she can watch the massage. Place another pillow under her hips cover by a towel. Her legs should be drawn up slightly and allowed to fall open to expose the Yoni allowing for easy access for massage. Once the receiver is in a comfortable position begin the massage by taking deep, relaxing breaths. Both giver and receiver should remain relaxed at all times. The giver should then massage the abdomen, hips and thighs. Only gradually begin the Yoni massage when you are both sufficiently relaxed.

Breast massage instructions should be part of male (and female) everyday learning. It's that important. Not only is sensual breast massage a great way to increase energy and circulation of the breasts, but it is also a way to nurture self (breasts are a very maternal and emotionally charged area), and a great way for a man to give pleasure, healing and intimacy to his partner. Breasts are wonderful things, fascinating to men and women alike. Unique, powerful and symbolic of femininity, love, passion, motherhood, sustenance, warmth, healing and pleasure. Breast massage is therefore a fantastic way to nurture and pleasure your lover (or yourself - if you are a woman!)

"To share love, and to learn and grow with a partner. When you learn to love yourself, you have lots of love to share and you get great joy out of sharing it with a loved one. When you learn to love yourself, you then attract a man who loves himself, and the two of you are able to share love, which is the highest experience in life. There is a huge difference between trying to get love and wanting to share love."